Description of Strong EB2 roofing

A novelty among our roofing materials, which was developed in response to market requirements. Finally, there is a light and affordable plastic covering that can be used on battens.

It is a stronger and lighter roofing, which equals the shape and size to EB2 roofing. However, the composition varies. Thanks to the DRS system (Dynamic Ribs System), it does not bend like a soft roof covering.

The material is a full-color composite that contains additives and a UV stabilizer, which guarantees that the roofing retains its original properties and color even after several years.

Product detail

Features and Technical Specifications of Roofing Material

Size 415×415 mm
Weight 0,7 kg
Thickness 5 – 6 mm
Number of pc/m2 8,4 pc/m2
Fire classification category E
Minimal slope of roof 25°
Lifetime period It is expected to have a long service life of more than 30 years
Usability All batten roof structures
Colour black, graphite, grey, red


STRONG EB2 tiles are placed on full formwork or on battening in horizontal rows, with the tip of the tile pointing away from the eaves to the ridge, usually from right to left or in the middle.

Laying them is usually done on concentrated battening with a batten size of 50 × 30 mm or 60 × 40 mm.

Prior to installation, the roof must be precisely dimensioned.

A gap of 5 mm is left between the tiles to serve as an expansion joint and at the same time to place the wind clip. The tile is attached to the underlay with 2 nails and 1 wind clip.

Detailed information on the installation of Ekoternit Strong EB2 can be found in the technical data sheet.


Documents and protocols

The products of Ekoternit company are in compliance with the requirements of European and Czech standards.

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