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Let us introduce you a new system of plastic roofing material Ekoternit. It is a stable brand on the Czech market and also one of the latest trends in roof building and reconstruction. We offer you the best, based on our more than 20 years of experience. Find out for yourself.

Ekoternit EB1
Size: 340×340 mm.
Weight: 10,01 kg/m2 – 13pc.
Price: 17,02 EUR without VAT per m2.

Ekoternit EB2
Size: 415×415 mm.
Weight: 11,34 kg/m2 – 8,4pc.
Price: 17,02 EUR without VAT per m2.

Ekoternit STRONG EB2 
Size: 415×415 mm.
Weight: 5,88 kg/m2 – 8,4pc.
Price: 27,23 EUR without VAT per m2.

Ekoternit EB3 tr. rectangle
Size: 300×455 mm.
Weight: 17,50 kg/m2 – 17,5pc.
Price: 22,13 EUR without VAT per m2.

Ekoternit EB4 fish scale
Size: 320×320 mm.
Weight: 11,62 kg/m2 – 16,6pc.
Price: 21,70 EUR without VAT per m2.

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Why choose Ekoternit?

Nice look

The roofing material imitates the look of natural slate and moreover, it does not get moss-overgrown.

Excellent durability

The roofing material is well resistant against weather changes and mechanical damage.

Low weight

The roofing material is exceptionally lightweight, colourfast and UV-resistant.


You can buy the roof covering Ekoternit from 190 CZK without VAT per m2.


A close up to the roofing

Laying this roofing material is the same as for eternit or slate roofing, including the mounting of snow barriers. It has a three point anchoring of roofing templates.

Ecological production

Plastic roofing material Ekoternit is made of recycled cable insulation, from which the PVC is gradually recovered. This further serves for the production of individual parts of the covering. More about production.

Comfortable covering

We use a unique system for attachment with prepared openings for fast and easy assembly. It offers more comfort for the roofers. More about assembly.

Always something extra

Ekoternit begins where others end. From the viewpoint of formability, the roofing material can be very successfully used in semicircular roof parts, where otherwise plating is used. Compared to similar coverings, we use only high quality materials. More about advantages of our roofing material.

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