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Ekoternit PVC Roofing Material: The Walkable, Practical, Good-Looking Solution for Your Roof

Ekoternit PVC Roofing Material: The Walkable, Practical, Good-Looking Solution for Your Roof

Roofers know that choosing roofing material is not just a question of aesthetics, but above all of functionality and safety. A roof has to protect the building in any kind of weather, stand up to the elements and be safe for those working on it. In these respects, Ekoternit PVC roofing ranks among the top on the market and offers a number of advantages that make the work of roofers easier and increase the comfort of homeowners.

What Does It Mean That Ekoternit Is Walkable?

Walkable roofing material means it is safe to walk on during installation, maintenance or repair. This is especially important for roofers who need to work on the roof or for property owners who need to occasionally adjust an aerial or get to the chimney. We have designed the Ekoternit roofing to withstand loads and movement without damage or compromised stability, which you will appreciate when installing something like photovoltaic panels.

Advantages of Ekoternit Walkable Roofing Material

  1. Work safety – Roofers can walk safely on the roof during installation or later maintenance and repairs.
  2. Resistance and durability – Ekoternit is made of high-quality PVC, which ensures a long service life and resistance to various weather conditions.
  3. Easy installation – The flexibility and lightness of the material makes installation easy, saving time and reducing labour.
  4. Maintenance – PVC roofing material is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance, which is another advantage for property owners.
  5. Aesthetic appearance – Ekoternit is available in several colours such as red, black, graphite and grey, which allows for a better match with the building design.
  6. Variability – We also offer a lightweight version, Ekoternit strong, which is ideal for mounting on battens, thus expanding the ways this roofing material can be used.

Why Choose Ekoternit for Your Roof?

Ekoternit is a modern, effective solution for roofers and homeowners. Its walkability guarantees safe and comfortable work on the roof, while its good looks and practical aspects will satisfy even the most demanding clients. A variety of colours and shapes to choose from ensures a roof that is not only functional but visually appealing too. It looks just as good on a modern white building with graphite windows as it does on a traditional mountain cabin.

In addition, the lightweight version Ekoternit strong makes installation even easier and faster, which is a plus for projects with limited load-bearing structures.


If you’re looking for a roofing material that’s walkable, aesthetically pleasing and offers long life and easy maintenance, Ekoternit is the right choice. Browse our range and choose the right roofing material for your next project.

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