The description of roofing EB3

This roofing gives your roof a timeless look. It is an impressive solution for new buildings and modern houses. Every customer who wants more for his house using adequate funding will appreciate this design. Ekoternit Premium EB3 traditional rectangle completely excels in the evaluation of cost-effectiveness.

The roofing material Ekoternit very well withstands high temperatures in summer and very cold temperatures in the winter months. Our roofing material is also UV-resistant.

The roofing material Ekoternit shows us many years of experience, multilateral and quality use of recycled plastic. If you think about the most appropriate roofing, we believe our offer is the best option.

Product detail

Features and Technical Specifications of Roofing Material

Size 300×445 mm
Weigh 1 kg
Thickness 5 mm
Number of pc/m2 17,5 pc/m2
Fire classification category E
Minimal slope of roof 20°
Lifetime period The used material supposes long lifetime period of more than 30 years
Usability Overall all-boarded roof constructions


The roofing material Ekoternit is laid on all-boarded roofs. We recommend underlaying the roofing with diffusion sheeting or other insulation. We recommend ensuring ventilation of the attic.

Laying this roofing material is the same as for eternit or slate roofing, including the mounting of snow barriers.

The roofing material Ekoternit EB3 creates impressive and very durable roofs suitable for all climatic conditions. It can be used on roofs with a 20° minimal slope, but it always depends on the local climate.

We offer a complete free advice in topic of roofing materials. We will assist you with choosing the appropriate roofing material and technical details, we will prepare you approximate calculation of your roof for free and we will equip you with samples and all the necessary documentation.


Documents and protocols

The products of Ekoternit company are in compliance with the requirements of European and Czech standards.

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