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Roofing Market Trends: Why Ekoternit Is on the Rise

Roofing Market Trends: Why Ekoternit Is on the Rise

In recent decades, the roofing market has undergone significant changes, reflecting technological advances, changes in consumer preferences and an increasing emphasis on ecology. The history of roofing materials is long and varied, from traditional materials such as wood, stone and metal, through asbestos cement products to modern PVC roofing materials such as Ekoternit.


Roofing Materials in the Past

Asbestos cement roofing was very common in the 1970s and 1980s. The advantage was its durability, strength and relative affordability. It later became clear, however, that asbestos posed a serious health risk, leading to its phasing out and replacement by safer materials. Then came the era of fibre cement roofing, which offered similar properties to its asbestos predecessors but without the health risks. These materials were popular for their appearance, which was the same as the earlier asbestos roofing materials, but the absence of asbestos meant a loss of strength and durability.


New Types of Roofing Material

In the 1990s and early 2000s, new types of roofing appeared on the market, including various plastic and composite materials. These include PVC roofing, which has the benefits of lightness, flexibility and design diversity. Until recently, objections to these materials have focused on their environmental impact. Ekoternit, which represents the latest generation of PVC roofing, addresses these challenges by using recycled plastic as its main raw material. This not only reduces waste but also increases the overall sustainability of the product.

An important milestone in the history of roofing materials has been the growing emphasis on ecology and sustainable development. Consumers have started to prefer materials that are not only functional and aesthetically appealing, but also environmentally friendly. Ekoternit thus reflects current trends regarding the need to protect nature, while yet offering all the practical features required by the construction industry today.


Key Advantages of Ekoternit

  • Durability and longevity –The first major factor in the growing popularity of Ekoternit is its excellent durability and great longevity. Thanks to the high quality of the PVC material used, Ekoternit stands up to extreme weather conditions, UV radiation and mechanical damage. This makes it an ideal choice for regions with variable climates.
  • Ecological approach – Ekoternit is produced with an emphasis on the environment, with recycled plastics playing a major role. This not only reduces waste but also limits the need for new raw materials. This eco-friendly approach to roofing is sought after by customers, who increasingly prefer sustainable, environmentally friendly products.
  • Quick, easy installation – Another key factor making Ekoternit more attractive among roofers is its quick, easy installation. The lightness and flexibility of the material make it easy to handle and install, significantly reducing the time needed to complete the roof. This is particularly advantageous for projects with limited time frames.
  • Aesthetic versatility – Ekoternit offers a wide range of colours and shapes, so it can be used in a variety of architectural styles, from modern to traditional. This aesthetic versatility makes it a suitable choice for a broad variety of building projects, from new construction to renovation of older buildings.
  • Cost effectiveness – Last but not least, Ekoternit’s cost effectiveness is an equally important aspect. Compared to traditional roofing materials, it offers a very good price-performance ratio. Low maintenance costs coupled with a long service life further increase its overall value to customers.


Given these factors, it is not surprising that Ekoternit is experiencing a significant rise in the roofing market. Its combination of durability, environmental benefits, ease of installation, aesthetic versatility and cost effectiveness appeals to a wide range of users, from homeowners to professional roofers. As more people opt for sustainable, quality building materials, Ekoternit is the ideal choice for modern, functional roofs.


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