The description of roofing EB4

The Ekoternit templates are assembled on boarding from OSB 3 boards, or from narrow air-dried planks (humidity 15-20%) of uniform minimum thickness of 20mm. It is necessary to keep a sufficient ventilation gap of at least 40 mm between the boarding and heat-insulating layer.

A contact waterproofing membrane is used as a base, the type and properties depend on the composition of the roof cladding. The contact diffusion foil with an inner elastic membrane for providing sealing around the injection site is used in the case of single-shell roof. The foil is laid in longitudinal strips.

Product detail

Features and Technical Specifications of Roofing Material

Size 320x320 mm
Weight 0,70 kg
Thickness 5 mm
Number of pc/m2 16,6 pc/m2
Fire classification category E
Minimal slope of roof 28°
Lifetime period The used material supposes long lifetime period of more than 30 years
Usability Overall all-boarded roof constructions


The roofing material Ekoternit is laid on all-boarded roofs. We recommend underlaying the roofing with diffusion sheeting or other insulation. We recommend ensuring ventilation of the attic.

Laying this roofing material is the same as for eternit or slate roofing, including the mounting of snow barriers.

It has a three point anchoring of roofing templates, ie. 2 pcs of preferably copper nails 40 mm long and 1 pc of 25x27mm whirlwind fibula, into pre-drilled holes. The nails should not be hammered too tightly in terms of material dilatation and to prevent undesirable deformations. When laying the roofing, it is necessary to leave 4.9 mm DILATATIONAL GAP between individual pieces. The tip of the overlapping item should be pulled out by 4.9 mm. The emphasis on the required dilatational gap is greater in cold weather.


Documents and protocols

The products of Ekoternit company are in compliance with the requirements of European and Czech standards.

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